SIA 07Oct15

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The Power Point presentation Sociocracy 101 Basic is available for $5.00 CAD. Purchasing it is no longer a requirement for membership. It is recommended for beginners and others who wish to have a tool to easily show others.

It contains 28 panels that aid in quickly understanding the main principals, values and benefits of Sociocracy.

You can easily order a download of the PowerPoint presentation Sociocracy 101 Basic by clicking on the PayPal button below. A link to a Drop Box file will be forwarded to you.

A detailed presentation of Sociocracy 101 that includes 61 panels embedded with extensive speaker notes that provide an in depth discussion of the tenets of Sociocracy is also available for download. If you will be making a presentation to a larger audience, this version has the information needed, even for a beginner. Contact us at if you are interested in this more comprehensive PowerPoint.

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